MKX Unlockable Krypt Inventory Items

The Krypt is an area where you can spend koins earn through playing Mortal Kombat X and unlock fatalities, brutalities, alternate costumes, concept art, and more. As you wander throughout the Krypt you will come across Inventory items that gain you full access to special areas of the Krypt, that are locked until you solve a puzzle or find a specific item.
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mkx Krypt Inventory Items

NameCoordinates (location)Unlocks
Ermac’s Pendant-5, 18 (Dark Pass)Go to (9,14) and use Ermac’s Pendant to float across spikes. Pull the lever and head back to (0,12) to pick up Jax’s Rocket Launcher
Jax’s Rocket Launcher0, 12 (Khan’s Stronghold)Shrine of the Dead (-11, 12)
Kenshi’s Kitana5, 30 (Shadow Spider’s Hive)Hollow Grounds Area (0, 25)
Kotal Khan’s Sword22, 34 (Kotal’s Kavern)Shadow Spider’s Hive
Switch Passage
Kung Lao’s Hat-7, 12 in the Shadow Spider KaveHanging Bridge Access (-10, 21 in the Shadow Spider Kave)
Liu Kang’s Fireball 0, 6 (Shao Kahn’s Tomb) White Lotus Temple (-20, 4)
Raiden’s Staff 5,11 (Shadow Spider Kave)Elder Chasm (20, 23)
Hidden Room (6, 24 in the Spider Gem Hold)
Reptile’s Claw6, 30 (Widow’s Pass)Use Reptile’s Claw at (-5,28) and pull the lever
Scorpion’s Spear-13, 19 (Walkway of Souls)Scorpion Pit
Spider GemScorpion’s PitRoom of Sacrifice
Sub Zero’s Iceball-21, 20 (Frost Path)?



  1. Sub Zero’s ice ball can be used to open the door along with ermacs pendent in Shao Khans tomb. its over water and you just freeze it to pull the lever. I should have wrote down cordanates sorry but its in that big circle. Im curantly having troule finding ermac’s pendant

  2. B
    Bryan Smith

    Sub Zero’s Iceball can be used in the Lin Kuei Katacombs in the Shrine Entrance

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