Bannerlord Caravan Guide - How to Start, Earn Money & Disband

Caravans are a great way to earn money in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord. They’re also an expensive investment, so don’t expect to make money if you don’t already have a decent purse. Starting a caravan is simple, but the option isn’t obvious – the same goes for getting rid of one. If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around this mechanic, this guide will show you how to start, earn money & disband caravans in Bannerlord.

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bannerlord caravans
Bannerlord Caravan Guide – How to Form, Earn Money & Disband

How to start a caravan?

While you’re on the map, select a city. Look for a merchant in the list of notable characters in the upper right corner of the screen – a potter, vintner, or any other kind of merchant will work. Talk to them, and after the introduction, tell them you want to start a caravan. They’ll ask for 15000 denars in order to hire guards, and one of your companions on a lease to lead the caravan. Agree, and you’ll become the proud owner of a caravan.

How to make money with a caravan?

You literally don’t have to do anything for the caravan to make money. It’ll go about its merry way, making money for all involved parties. However, it does take some time to start earning – you’ll have to wait up to four weeks before you start seeing returns. You can improve your earnings by coming from a culture that has a strong trading background, investing in the trading skill and assigning a companion with a high trading skill to the caravan.

How to disband a caravan?

If you realize a trade magnate’s life isn’t for you, you can always disband your caravans. You won’t get any of the money back, but they’ll keep spending (and earning). To do this, open up the party screen and look for the caravans section in the list on the left. Select the caravan you want and click “disband party”.



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