Rival Gangs Quest Bug Solution in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

Rival Gangs is one of the quests in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord. In it, you have to deal with a specific gang in a city, and you can either do it by fighting them or by accepting a bribe in order to back off. However, there are several bugs that are preventing people from completing this quest. The enemies often spawn in inaccesible places, like on the other side of a heavy gate or on rooftops. Thankfully, there are ways around both of these issues, and we’ll explain them in our Bannerlord Rival Gangs quest bug solution guide.

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bannerlord rival gangs quest bug solution
Image credit: Reddit user Loboreich

Enemies spawning on rooftops in Rival Gangs

The most common bug seems to be the one where the entire gang spawns on roofs. You can see them from the ground, but there’s no way to reach them. Some players report being lucky and having the leader fall down, which allowed them to talk to him. If you’re not that lucky, the only thing you can do is enable cheat mode and use Ctrl+Alt+F4 to kill everyone.

Enemies spawning behind gate in Rival Gangs

The other bug that multiple people mentioned is when the enemies spawn on the other side of a heavy wooden gate, stopping you from interacting with said gate. The only thing you can try in this situation is to press your face against the game and spam the interact button in the hopes the leader is next to the gate. We’ve heard reports of people being able to initiate a dialogue with him this way, which then allowed them to open the gate.

It’s a pretty challenging fight, and we wouldn’t advise you do just run into it head first. Take some time to prepare, get some nice equipment and make sure your best soldiers are at the ready.