Noble Locations in Bannerlord - Neretzes’s Folly Quest

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Neretzes’s Folly quest is a mission you can find in the game, and it requires you to find ten Noble locations and talk to them. The problem here is that Nobles in Bannerlord are very rare and difficult to find. Therefore, Neretzes’s Folly is a very hard quest to complete. So, in our Noble Locations in Bannerlord – Neretzes’s Folly Quest guide, we’re gonna give you some tips on how to make it easier on yourself.

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Noble Locations in Bannerlord Neretzess Folly Quest
Noble Locations in Bannerlord – Neretzes’s Folly Quest

Where to Find Nobles in Neretzes’s Folly Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Quest?

To find Nobles for the Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Neretzes’s Folly quest, you have to explore the world map and look for blue exclamation marks. These denote that there is a Noble with their party in that location. This occurrence is pretty rare, so make sure that you track the Nobles down whenever you can. When you find a Noble, speak with them to complete one out of ten steps in the Neretzes’s Folly quest. And also, be aware that this quest is gonna take some time, given how rare the Nobles are.

Now, it seems that the best places to look for Nobles in Bannerlord are castles, which makes sense. When you go into a castle, request an audience in the Lord’s Room. Once you do that, you’ll see whether they have a Noble in the upper corner of the world map. Hover over the portraits there to see what you can find. Then, walk right into the Lord’s Room and talk to them if they are at home. Which, I have to warn you, they might not be. However, you can find clues about their whereabouts by clicking on their name in blue.

And, that’s about all we know for now when it comes to Noble Locations in Neretzes’s Folly quest in Bannerlord. If you need more help, allow me to redirect you to out other Mount & Blade 2 guides. For example, we’ve written How to Level Up Troops & Companions, Family Feud Quest Bug, and How to Equip Gear.

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