Bannerlord Prisoners - Sell, Recruit

After every battle in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord, there’s a chance you’ll end up with some prisoners. You can do several things with your captives, and they’re pretty usefull all around. However, not all the options are as straightforward as you might expect. You might even miss some if you don’t look carefully enough. If you’re wondering what to do with prisoners in Bannerlord, this guide will show you exactly that.

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bannerlord prisoners sell recruit
Bannerlord Prisoners – Sell, Recruit

What to do with prisoners?

As far as we know, there are two things you can do with prisoners: you can either ransom them and earn a quick buck, or recruit them into your own army. There might be more options, but we haven’t seen them yet. If we discover any more, we’ll update the guide accordingly.

How to sell prisoners?

This is the quick and easy solution. When you’ve caught some naughty boys or girls, you can head into the nearest large town or castle to sell them off. Once you’re there, head to the tavern disctrict. Once you’re there, look for an option to ransom your prisoners. The price will be show in brackets – you can either sell them in bulk or one by one.

How to recruit prisoners?

You can also recruit prisoners into your unit. However, this requires two things: space in your army and a broken will of a prisoner. At first, you won’t be able to lead many soldiers in your band, so you might have to wait until the limit increases. You’ll have to wait either way, so it’s no big deal – prisoners can’t be recruited right away. They need to spend some time in shackles in order to forget they hate you.

Once they’ve cooled off and you have space for them in your ranks, go to the party menu and select the prisoner you want to convert. Look for an icon with an arrow next to their name – this means they can be recruited. Click the arrow and they’ll pledge their allegiance to you.


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