How to get Ankle Breaker Badge in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 is available for those who preordered the game, and players are busy unlocking badges and its Hall of Fame versions. The confirmed number of badges for NBA 2K17 is 55.
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NBA 2k17 Ankle Breaker is a Playmaking badge that can cause defender to stumble or fall with his dribble moves. It’s one of the Signature Skills Badges. Once you earn the bronze badge, you can purchase the silver and gold upgrades with VC and after that get the Hall of Fame badge. In this guide we’ll show you what your player should do in order to unlock Ankle Breaker bronze badge.

How to get Ankle Breaker Badge in NBA 2K17

This year it’s much harder to get this badge. Developers have made a lot of changes and many mechanics for obtaining badges have been improved. In the last year version of the game, NBA 2K16, you could just spam crossover until you get the badge. In order to unlock Ankle Breaker badge you need to do Dribble- assist-score around 200 times.

Check out our guide – How to get Dimer Badge in NBA 2K17

  • Setup your games so you have 12 minute quarters, on Rookie difficulty
  • Throw three assists to Justice to unlock orange juice
  • Dribble- assist-score! Use the right stick to do a dribble combo, follow by an assist. Only if you assist counts towards the badge!
Note: Once you get the Ankle Break gold or HoF badge almost any step back animation in the game will break ankles.

If you have any additional trick to get this badge fast, please leave a comment below and share it with our readers.

nba 2k17 ankle breaker badge

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  1. C

    so if my guy is a sharpshooter can i still get ankle breaker ?

    1. A
      Adrian Garcia

      you can only get it bronze

      1. B

        if you are a playmaker then you can upgrade it more but if you aren’t a playmaker then only bronze

        1. J

          You could also be a point forward, not just a playmaker to upgrade to HoF ankle breaker

          1. I
            isaac nelson

            and shot creator’

      2. K

        Yes anyone can get any badge even my stretch big got ankle beaker on bronze

        1. D

          You can get the badge but only to bronze if your not a point forward/playmaker

          1. A

            My PG is a slasher. But he can still at least get a bronze ankle breaker ryt?

    2. H

      will but u can’t upgrade it

      1. X
        Xavier sierra

        What about if your a shooting guard 88 overall and lay making can still get the badge???????????

        1. N

          I don’t believe so I made a new point forward and he can get it hall of fame but any sharpshooters or center swipl get it bronze and only bronze

        2. L
          Lord t

          It’s depending on what shooting guard you are

          1. D

            Ima small forward and I got it to HoF

    3. S

      thats what i am im not sure, but this really helped me, and i think we can.

    4. D

      yes but you cant upgrade it

    5. K

      You dont only have to get assist

    6. S
      Sharpshooters of

      Yes you can still break ankles with a sharp you can’t really make them fall but if u have the right moves they can stumble r step back

    7. Do I need to have my ball control at 75 to get the badge

    8. Yeah but you can only get it bronze

  2. T

    Ok so I’m a 81 overall playmaker and I’ve got over 350+ double move leading to score assists (because that’s all I’ve done from the beginning of my career) but yet I don’t have dimer or ankle breaker can anyone explain?

    1. S

      Needs to be 200 in 1 season

    2. J

      im having the same problem

    3. P

      Have you been passing it off

    4. T

      They have to be double moves to an assist

    5. T

      how do you check how many double moves leading to scores you have?

      1. T
        This dude dumb

        He dumb bro

    6. X

      it has to be in a 30 game span

    7. D

      same to this day i dont have it i made a point forward and i havent got it on bronze i hope i get dimer because if i dont im going to contact 2k about it beacause i didnt do this grinding for nothing…

    8. K

      For dimmer you need 300 assist in a 30 game span

  3. K
    Klaus Duus

    Hi! Thanks for your “How to”. It’s quite helpful!
    I did everything you did, but hardly did 300 passes after double move. Could it be 250, I don’t know, but sure not 300.
    Same goes to Alley-oop passer, which was the easy one.

    Anyway, keep up with the site!

  4. C

    Can sharpshooter get any type of ankle breakers

  5. D

    It doesn’t have to be assist

    1. G

      We can get it by scoring and not get the assist

      1. G

        ty for telling me

  6. S

    @Chris Yeah you can, but it will only be bronze

  7. J

    so what you do is pray to harambe, and what you have to say is; “give me the power to ankle break” and then all you do is start twerking and ride your controller furiously, then the most important part: turn your console off, go buy a pc then you are a pro.

    1. J

      bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh xD

  8. E
    ending careerz

    You don’t have to get an assist. that is Wrong. You can get the badge by just doing a double move and then just shoot. The only reason an assist is useful is for trying to get dimer at the same time as ankle breaker. But please understand that it is much easier to get “double move leading to score” by just simply pressing (down, down)
    and then shooting. (rookie difficulty)

    1. L
      Lord Slug

      How many times though

    2. N

      No it’s not… if u just can get a double move assist.. it unlocks it faster. Trust me I unlocked it in less than 30 minutes and I didn’t unlock dimer

  9. O
    omob harden13o

    how many time do i have to do it to get it hall of fame

  10. B

    Do a half spin then assist

  11. Z

    i am small forward and can upgrade it do i have to make assists

  12. N

    Is it the same for point forwards to upgrade?

    1. W

      You’re an L “point forward” you gotta go with that cuz.

  13. J

    How many assist to get hall of fame ankle breaker

  14. B

    Do your assists of double move and shots made off double move add together? Example: 100 shots made off double move and 100 assists off double move= 200 if they add together.

  15. J

    Can i get hof in post season

    1. J

      Please help before i brake this game

  16. C

    It can be double move to a shot as well guys.

  17. A

    Is there a certain amount of times it has to be done or is it a random unlock?

  18. J

    You don’t have to assist you can score yourself. Many you tubers have on tape that they unlocked ankle breaker by scoring themselves.

  19. M

    What if you get an double move leading to score but not an assist

    1. I
      Izaiah boii

      You just won’t get dimer you’ll still get the ankle breaker badge

  20. F

    I have been doing double moves to assists like 300 times, and it still hasn’t unlocked?? I’m a 90 overall pg playmaker, and my playmaking is all the way up. I’m confused as to why I can’t get it.

  21. T

    I have been doing double moves to assists like 300 times, and it still hasn’t unlocked?? I’m a 90 overall pg playmaker, and my playmaking is all the way up. I’m confused as to why I can’t get it.

  22. B

    Can shot creator get hall of fame or not?

  23. X

    I get double move leading to score on my point forward but I still don’t get ankle breaker. What should I do?

  24. J
    Jae smooth

    Ive done double dribble leading score and getting the assist with it 1600 and still no dimer or ankle breaker to hof.smh

  25. C

    How can you find out how many more you need to get ankle breaker

  26. G

    I have got the dimer badge purely off of double move leading to score-assists, but no ankle breaker badge. I should have got it 200 assists ago but i havent. why?????

    1. U

      upgrade gold

  27. K

    How can we upgrade it to gold

  28. C

    Just spam crossover and call for a pic as soon as the pick rolls pass it to him as he rolls. I get 40 assist per game doing this

  29. D
    D. Ice

    Do they have to be assists because Im around half way with just scoring. Ill do a cross over, shoot it in there face, then score. You are telling me it doesn’t count?

  30. E
    Emari Campbell

    So… since my player is a shot creator can i still get the badge??

  31. R
    Robbie Smith

    Hi I’m a 88 overall playmaker I’ve played like 30 games and have gotten a lot of double moves leading to score and still having gotten Ankle breaker badge I’ve been doing double moves leading to score and then scoring with myself can I do that or do I have to get assists

    1. R
      Robbie Smith

      Hi I’m an 88 overall play maker and I’ve been doing double moves waiting to score and still haven’t gotten ankle breaker badge I’ve done a lot of double moves leading to score and I’ve been doing where I do a double dribble move in then shoot do I have to get assists?

  32. D

    Can u get hall of fame in the play offs?

    1. No it’s not… if u just can get a double move assist.. it unlocks it faster. Trust me I unlocked it in less than 30 minutes and I didn’t unlock dimer

  33. J

    Ca you get it in the playoffs?

  34. A

    I have over 700 assist & i STILL havent got this Fucking Ankle Breaker Badge! Im going CRAZY!!

  35. C

    I have done like 500 double move leading to score but i still dont have it

  36. D

    Double move and assist works fast. It took me a day and a half to get the ankle breaker badge

  37. i have gold ankle breaker badge for my 88 overall shot creator.

  38. P

    Guys I have a 91 Point Forward and already got hof flashy passer, lob city and almost got ankle breaker and pick and roll maestro under 35 games. No badge on the game is hard to get. Trust me, I grind for badges for myself and others

  39. S

    It won’t let me get ankle breaker I have counted my double moves leading to score I did it 207 times

  40. K

    ive been freakin just doing double moves leadind to score no assist lol

  41. F

    Im an 87 pg playmaker and i have ankle breaker gold. How do you get the HoF badge? Plz help

  42. A

    I have a 90 shot creater and I got gold ankle breaker ?

  43. I

    but now people say that if your a shot creator you can get the badge without needing assists is it true?

    1. I

      and how much do you have to get btw?

      1. E

        I didn’t have to get an assist and have it say dribble move to a score or wtv. I thought I had to but I just dribble a whole bunch shot it and I somehow unlocked it!

  44. M

    Can you use screens

  45. O

    can you get ankle breaker just by doing to double dribble moves then a shot and make it

  46. M
    Maliq Polk

    Do You Really Need To Get An Assist In Order To Get It?

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