NBA 2K17

Nba 2k17 5 new Moments Challenges

NBA 2K17 – 5 new Moments Challenges

There are 5 interesting moments challenges in NBA 2K17 MyTeam game mode. Some of them are fairly easy, but a few of them can be a bit challenging, depending on your roster. It is always nice to see new challenges, as well as the new player cards and dynamic duos. Check out all of the…


nba 2k17 badges

NBA 2K17 Badges Guide

NBA 2K17 Badges are special titles that give certain bonuses when you unlocked them. They can be earned by performing certain actions in the game…

NBA 2K eLeague coming in 2018

NBA 2K eLeague coming in 2018

NBA 2K eLeague will be the first official eSports league, in cooperation with the official NBA teams. The five-person teams will represent each of the…

NBA 2K17 Update 1.09 Released

NBA 2K17 – Update 1.09 Released

NBA 2K17 released 1.09 update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This update features various fixes and improvements to the game. It takes up around…

NBA 2K17 New Moments Challenge DeMar DeRozan

NBA 2K17 New Moments Challenge – DeMar DeRozan

NBA 2K17 released a brand new Moments challenge featuring DeMar DeRozan. He made an amazing performance against the Boston Celtics, leading an incredible comeback victory….


New Moments Challenge Ricky Rubio

NBA 2K17 New Moments Challenge – Ricky Rubio

Nba 2K17 released a new MyTeam Moments challenge featuring Ricky Rubio. It was inspired by his recent amazing performance against Houston Rockets, where he managed…

NBA 2k17 released All Star Uniforms

NBA 2K17 released All Star Uniforms

NBA 2K17 released brand new All Star themed uniforms. If you want a quick look, just visit the Play Now section and select East and…

NBA 2K17 Auction house money making guide

Auction House Money Making Guide

NBA 2K17 Auction House money making guide will help you earn a nice amount of MT for your perfect MyTeam. The method is quite easy…

NBA 2k17 Moments Challenge Guide

Moments Challenges Tips & Tricks

NBA 2K17 Moments Challenges are special tasks that change every week and follow the trends of the official NBA season. Some of them can be…

nba 2k17 paul george

NBA 2K17 Update Released

NBA 2K17 1.06 Update has been released today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The much awaited patch has brought a lot of changes…

nba 2k experience

NBA 2KVR Experience released today

2K Games released the new game from the NBA franchise today. The title is NBA 2KVR Experience and it is the first virtual reality basketball…

nba 2k17 park after dark

NBA 2K17 Park After Dark Announced

2K Games have announced that NBA 2K will be getting an update called Park After Dark, which will feature music shows and other festivities in…

NBA 2K17 Update 1.05 Released

NBA 2K17 Update 1.05 Released

Update 1.05 for NBA 2k17 was officially released. There are various fixes and gameplay improvements implemented in this patch. HDR support has been added for…

Nba 2k17 Halloween Store Update

NBA 2K17 Halloween Store Update

Halloween store update was released for Nba 2k17 on all platforms. There is some interesting Halloween themed clothing and accessories for you to buy. There…