NBA 2K18 Where to Find 5000 VC Pre-Order Bonus

If you’ve preordered NBA 2K18, you’re getting 5000 VC as a bonus. You can spend these virtual credits on stuff like shoes, haircuts, jerseys and other accessories. Since this year’s edition of the game is more stingy with VC than the previous few, it’s a great thing to have – a buffer that lets you invest a bit into your player before you really get the ball rolling. However, many players have reported being unable to activate their NBA 2K18 5000 VC preorder bonus.

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nba 2k18 where to find 5000 vc preorder bonus
NBA 2K18 5000 VC Pre-Order Bonus

How to get 5000 VC from pre-order?

If the funds aren’t showing up, there are several things you could try. There’s no guaranteed solution, sadly, so you might end up having to contact support over it.

  • If you’ve bought the boxed edition of the game, make sure you’ve activated the code for the credits (it should be printed on a leaflet).
  • If you’ve bought the digital edition, check to see if there’s a preorder bonus DLC. If there is, make sure it’s downloaded properly.
  • Restart your game.
  • Restart the console.
  • Make sure you’ve at least started MyTeam, MyPlayer and MyCareer (some report the funds showing up after you’ve reached the NBA).

If none of these get you your VC, then you’ll have to write up a support ticket. Make sure you submit only one – sending more than that will just clog the pipes and slow down the response time.

Lost saves and VC

Hold off on spending VC at the moment, especially if you’re on Xbox One. There are some issues with save files disappearing after a crash, along with any funds spent on customization. To be on the safe side, keep your player as vanilla as possible until 2K resolves the issue. They are aware of it, thankfully, and they’ve instructed anyone affected to drop them a line – seems they have a way to save those saves.

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