NBA 2K18 How to change shoes & clothes

This year NBA 2K18 introduced many changes in comparison to previous games in the franchise, and one of the more interesting ones is that your character can change his outfit – clothes, shoes and socks for both your street appearance. For the first time you can stand out in the crowd. We’ve seen a lot of players ask where they can use this new feature and some even reported that they can’t enter the room to change their clothes in NBA2K18 (people really want to change their Air Jordan shoes for some reason). This guide will help you get your new look by showing you how to change shoes and clothes in NBA 2K18 (even if you have a bugged game).

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nba 2k18 how to change shoes clothes
NBA 2K18 How to change shoes & clothes

Where to change shoes / clothes in NBA 2K18?

Once you buy new clothes from one of the stores, or shoes from Foot Locker, go towards the Venue building, near the practice facility. Just across from the Venue, you’ll spot a bellhop. Talk to him, and when the menu pops up, select the MyCourt option. Once in your MyCourt go straight then turn right, and you’ll see a door with a sign “Closet” above it. In order to get in and change your clothes / shoes, you have to press X on Play Station 4, A on Xbox One or B on Switch, and the door will open. Inside you will be presented with a choice of clothes for street/playground appearance or sneakers for your pro/am career.

Some players reported a bug where the button prompt doesn’t appear at all, and you can’t press the corresponding button and open the door to the close. If this is the case, you’ll have to leave and enter MyCourt several times. We hope they’ll fix this bug soon and it won’t bother players in the future.

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