NBA 2K18 How to Get Difficult Shots & Ankle Breaker Badge Fast

NBA 2K18 Ankle Breaker and Difficult Shots are two badges that many players are going to want to get. Fortunately, there’s a way to grind them out quickly by spamming one particular shot. You do have to execute several steps and get the rhythm down. On the other hand, you can do it in both Pro and Hall of Fame. This guide will explain how to obtain Ankle Breaker and Difficult Shots fast in NBA 2K18.

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NBA 2K18 How to Get Difficult Shots & Ankle Breaker Badge Fast
NBA 2K18 How to Get Difficult Shots & Ankle Breaker Badge Fast

How to Grind Ankle Breaker & Difficult Shots in NBA 2K18?

Basically, the best way to get both badges quickly is to repeatedly do the Triple Threat Spin Jumper. First, you want your player to be at one of the wings of the three-point line. However, make sure you get into position through a pass; do not dribble, because you’ll need to stop and then move with the ball afterwards.

Once your player is in position, the fun begins. Hold Turbo and flick the right stick in the direction of your free foot, aka the non-pivot foot. You can do so twice or so to get the feel of it. Do not release turbo. Then spin the right stick from left to right, bottom semicircle. Put simpler, go from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock through 6 o’clock. Keep your finger on the Turbo.

Executing the spin should land you in comfortable mid-range, but stay out of the paint. Without letting go of the turbo, pull the left stick and double-tap the Shoot button. If you complete the sequence properly, you’ll be one step further on your way to both the Difficult Shots badge and the Ankle Breaker badge. You can pull it of in MyCareer, both in Pro and Hall of Fame. If you don’t manage to pull it off on your first try, keep practicing. You’ll get the hang of it.

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