NBA 2K18 How to Rank Up Fast & Get 99 Overall

Ranking up your player in NBA 2K18 can take a long time. In order to reach overall 99, you’re looking at days of grinding – playing games, doing training, spending VC. But there are ways to complete Road to 99 faster than that. It seems like different positions get different amounts of points for different activities. If you play a guard, the stuff that’s lucrative to a forward will do nothing for you. Thankfully, the community is starting to figure out ways to grind these stats faster. This guide is going to show you how to rank up fast in NBA 2K18 and get 99 overall.

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nba 2k18 how to rank up fast overall 99
NBA 2K18 How to Rank Up Fast & Get 99 Overall

How to rep up fast?

In order to rep up fast, you’re better off sticking to one activity. It’s more boring than mixing things up, but it will get you to overall 99 faster. A lot has changed since the previous game, so you’ll need to adjust. Here’s what we know about leveling up quickly:

  • You can play twos and threes in MyPark until you reach overall 80 or so. They’re not bad, and they’re easy to get into (when the servers are having a good day). Howeever, at some point, the rewards start getting ridiculously small.
  • After you hit 80, you definitely want to switch onto ProAm – if you don’t mind playing it, you make make the jump even earlier. The games are longer, but the rewards are considerably better – the game scores moves that don’t make much of a difference in the park, so you end up with a bigger bump.
  • If you’re playing a center, you might want to go with ProAm right away – centers get a crazy amount of points there and it’s hands down the most profitable activity for them.
  • Ignore MyCareer completely. It’s great for earning badges, but if it’s pure rank you’re after, avoid doing it.
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