NBA 2K18 Road to 99 Rewards - Badges, Clothing, Tattoos

Road to 99 is NBA 2K18’s way of tracking your progress through MyCareer and The Neighborhood. As you increase your player’s overall rank, you’ll unlock new rewards. These range from badges and wearable items, to tattoos and animations. There’s a whole bunch of them – if you manage to reach the cap, you’ll be drowning in the stuff. If you’re wondering exactly what is unlocked at which point, keep reading for a list of NBA 2K18 Road to 99 rewards.

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nba 2k18 road to 99 rewards
NBA 2K18 Road to 99 Rewards

Overall Rank 65 Rewards

  • Hardened Badge – Removes skill penalty when injured or tired
  • Spark Plug Badge – Increase teammate energy and morale when you enter the court
  • A set of pro level animations
  • Access to Swag’s Clothing Store
  • Access to Foot Locker

Rank 70 Unlocks

  • Expressive Badge – Allows you to celebrate your successes
  • A set of elite level animations
  • A new batch of items in Swag’s Clothing Store
  • Access to Alley Oop’s Tattoo Parlor

Overall 75 Rewards

  • Enforcer Badge – Allows you to be more physical on the court
  • A set of signature animations
  • The ability to create your own custom jump shots
  • A new batch of items in the NBA Store

Overall Rank 80

  • Clutch Performer Badge – Improves your performance in times of need
  • A set of signature pre-game rituals
  • Anoter set of signature animations
  • A new set of items in Swag’s Clothing Store

Rank 85 Unlocks

  • Microwave Badge – Allows you to heat up quickly
  • A set of signature movement animations
  • A set of signature celebration animations
  • Access to Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. Sports Clothing Store.

Overall Rank 90

  • Alpha Dog Badge – The description is really vague, so we don’t really know what this one does
  • The ability to tamper with your NBA team, its roster, rotations and plays
  • Another set of signature animations
  • Access to a bicycle, which lets you get around faster
  • Access to JBL headphones and other accessories

Rank 91 Rewards

  • On-Court Coach Badge – Allows you to call plays (finally!), call for the ball and issue commands to teammates
  • Another set of signature pre-game rituals
  • Ability to get nekkid (only the shirt goes off, sorry)
  • A batch of new designs at Alley Oop’s Tattoo Parlor

Level 92 Rewards

  • Gym Rat Badge – Constant turbo, no more need for going to the gym
  • Access to a skateboard, if you think the bike is too comfortable, easy to use and safe

Overall 93

  • Yet another set of signature celebrations. How many ways to celebrate are there, anyway?
  • Access to a mini-basketball arcade machine in MyCourt. Other games pester you with mini-games – NBA makes you earn them.

Rank 94 Rewards

  • Championship DNA Badge – Increased visibility of double teams, better performance in in the play-offs
  • Access to the entire NBA roster in MyCourt games

Overall Rank 95

  • Double VC from games, although at this point, it hardly even matters anymore

Rank 96

  • Just one reward here, and it’s the ability to not have to wait for your turn at a digital court. Of which there are infinite copies. Think about that for a while.

Overall 97

  • A free pack of customization items, accessible from your MyCourt inventory
  • An unspecified (although probably low) number of free MyTeam packs

Rank 98 Reward

  • Digital immortality! You’ll get to be in one of those NBA 2KTV clips that you can watch far too often. Your mug! On TV!

Overal 99 Unlocks

  • Legend Badge – Increased efficiency of all other badges
  • Access to a Nike shoe collection
  • Your mug in NBA 2K19
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