NBA 2K18 How to Unlock Pick & Roll Maestro Badge

Pick & roll maestro badge is one of the titles in NBA 2K18. It’s not just a fancy name, though – it also increases your accuracy when passing or shooting during a pick and roll. In order to get it, you’ll either need to grind drills in the training room, or be smart about how you play. It’s not really hard to get, but you can cut down the time needed to obtain it by playing the proper mode in the proper way. This guide is going to show you exactly how to unlock pick & roll maestro badge in NBA 2K18.

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nba 2k18 pick roll maestro badge
NBA 2K18 How to Unlock Pick & Roll Maestro Badge

How to earn Pick & Roll Maestro fast?

You will earn the pick & roll maestro badge by performing pick and rolls. If you’ve played some of the previous games, you might remember that even attempts counted towards the badge. In 2K18, they don’t. You’ll need to score a certain amount of shots (or assists) after a pick and roll if you want those points.

To get the badge, you’ll need 12000 points. In MyCareer, you’ll earn 520 points for any pick and roll success (that means a pick and roll that ends with a score or assist). In MyPark, they’re worth 1000 each. The ones at the park are worth more, but your success rate will depend on how good your teammates (and opponents) actually are. It might take longer in MyCareer, but only on paper – there’s almost no luck involved in it, so it’s more of a slow and steady option.

You’ll need 24 pick and rolls in MyCareer to gain the badge. One of the easy ways to do this is:

  • Go to call plays, then choose a 5-Out. This will set your entire team on the outside, making the defenders split up as well.
  • Go to one of the sides and ask your center for a screen. Pick a center with a Brick Wall badge if you can.
  • Go around the screen and either try for a layup or pass. Either way, if it ends with your team scoring, you’ll get the points.

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