NBA 2K18 How to Spam Momentum Crossover

Momentum Crossover in NBA 2K18 is a pretty useful move. You can use it as a lead-in into many different moves or assists, as well as hog the ball. Executing the move is fairly simple, but the timing does require a little bit of practice, especially if you’re new to the game. When you do figure it out, your one step closer to being a dribble god. If you need help, our guide on how to execute NBA 2K18 Momentum Crossover spam is the place for you.

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NBA 2K18 How to Spam Momentum Crossover
NBA 2K18 How to Spam Momentum Crossover

How to Do Momentum Crossover Fast in NBA 2K18?

Mastering the Momentum Crossover in NBA 2K18, particularly if you intend to spam it, requires a little practice to get the timing down right. The sequence is fairly simple. If the ball is in your right hand, flick the Right Stick to the left, then the Left Stick to the left (or hold it), then hit R2. Now is where timing is important. Before switching the other way, you need to wait about a second. Time it just as the full animation ends, as the left hand goes all the way up. Then repeat the sequence above, just to the right.

Keep practicing the move until you get it down. Once you perfect it, you’ll be a dribble god in no time. Best part is, the Momentum Crossover move is great as a lead-in into other moves. You can continue it into dribbling, go straight for the basket, pass to a team mate, whatever you want. The one issue here is that, since the move is fairly easy to execute, it will allow players to just hog the ball and wait out the timer fairly easily. This will probably piss a lot of players off, but, there you have it. Now you can spam the Momentum Crossover right back at them.

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