NBA 2K18 Updates Player & Uniform Appearance, Free Demo Announced

2K Games is upping the ante when it comes to NBA 2K18 uniforms and players. They’ve been using completely new photo techniques to make sure players look as realistic as possible. They’ve also scanned all the new jerseys, accessories, and shoes, and expanded MyPLAYER customization. 2K also announced a free downloadable demo, “The Prelude”, coming out several days before the full game.

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NBA 2K18 Updates Player & Uniform Appearance, Free Demo Announced
NBA 2K18 Updates Player & Uniform Appearance, Free Demo Announced

Hope you’re getting ready for NBA 2K18, basketball fans. By what we’ve seen so far, it’s set to be the sleekest, most-polished NBA 2K so far. The newest material that they’ve released, a trailer called The Art Behind NBA 2K18, absolutely confirms this. They’ve gone above and beyond to deliver a truly visually impressive experience.

For one, the devs went to NBA New York and scanned all the new Nike uniforms, over 200 pairs of shoes, and various player accessories in excruciating detail. You can see almost every little thread and stitch. Second, the art team has been using state-of-the-art photo techniques to scan players and their features. They’ve got them down to such minutiae, including stretchmarks, realistic sweat beads, and faded tattoos. Finally, they’re expanding MyPLAYER customization. They boast an almost “unlimited amount of body types” and a mass of facial and other adjustment options. The trailer confirms this, showing off a few of the many customizations you can apply to your player.

When does NBA 2K18 demo come out?

The NBA 2K18 demo comes out on September 8th, and it will be available only on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 2K Games has also prepared this free NBA 2K18 demo; sorry, “free downloadable experience”, dubbed “The Prelude”, to allow you to get a head start in the game a full week before launch. In “The Prelude”, you’ll have the chance to kick off your MyCAREER early, and all the progress you make will carry over when NBA 2K18 comes out.

NBA 2K18 launches on September 15th, 2017. It’s coming out on PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360, PC, and Nintendo Switch. To check out the new visuals in action, take a look at the video below.

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