Pokemon GO Pikachu Outbreak Park Events Detailed

The Pokemon GO Pikachu Outbreak event has kicked off in Yokohama, Japan. Over the course of a week, trainers in Yokohama should head to Red Brick Park and Cup Noodle Museum Park. You’ll be able to catch Pokemon from both the Johto and Kanto regions, including those that are rare in Japan, such as Mr. Mime. Additionally, special 2 km Eggs from PokeStops will hatch a wider range of Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO Pikachu Outbreak Park Events Detailed
Pokemon GO Pikachu Outbreak Park Events Detailed

Trainers from and currently in Japan, if you at all can, make sure you visit the Minato Mirai area of Yokohama over the next couple of days. The Pikachu Outbreak event kicked off today, on August 9th, and it will last until Tuesday, August 15th. The event will take place every day, from 10 AM to 6 PM JST, in two Yokohama parks: Cup Noodle Museum Park and Red Brick Park.

Here’s how the event works. Pokemon from the Kanto region (Pokemon Red and Blue) will spawn in Red Brick Park, while Johto region Pokemon (Pokemon Silver and Gold) will be popping up in Cup Noodle Museum Park (yes, there is a Cup Noodle Museum there, if you wanna check it out while you’re at it). As a bonus, both parks will spawn monsters that are rare in Japan, or just downright don’t appear at all, such as Mr. Mime. To add a little cherry on top, during the event, trainers will get special 2 km Eggs for spinning Photo Discs that are in the park. According to Niantic’s announcement, these have the “potential to hatch a greater variety of Pokemon than usual.”

Hopefully, this event will go over smoothly, as opposed to the unmitigated calamity that was the Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago. As for European trainers, their own events will be coming along soon. In the meantime, they can get their hands on Kangaskhan, Unown, and other rare Pokemon in select cities.

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