NBA 2K23 2K Day Giveaway Win 250K VC

Wondering how to enter the NBA 2K23 2K Day giveaway and potentially win a whopping 250K Virtual Currency(VC)? The NBA 2K23 launch day has finally arrived, and hundreds of thousands of fans are already grinding through their MyCareer and MyTeam adventures. However, as you are probably aware, this can be a rather grindy and painstaking process. It is slow, it requires a lot of time, repetition, and luck. Of course, you can always offset this if you put in some real-life money or use Locker Codes. Or, you can try and win the 250K VC 2K Day Giveaway and be set for good. Read on to learn how to participate in the giveaway and potentially earn a hefty amount of Virtual Currency.

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NBA 2K23 2K Day Giveaway Win 250K VC

How to Enter NBA 2K23 250K VC 2K Day Giveaway

In order to celebrate the release of the latest instalment in the NBA 2K franchise, publisher 2K is giving away a handful of rewards. These include copies of the game for those of you who don’t have them. And, for those who already own a copy, a chance to win 250K VC for 2K23. How to enter this giveaway? Well, it’s rather simple, all you have to do is to follow the official NBA 2K Twitter handle and watch carefully for when they Tweet a post with a giveaway during the 2K Day.

In total, there will be 19 Giveaway Tweets on September 9th, so make sure to participate in all of them in order to maximize your chances. Once you spot a giveaway Tweet, simply reply with #2KDay and #giveaway to enter for a chance to win 250K VC for 2K23. Here are the instructions:

  • You must be an active holder of a non-private Twitter account (set to “public” and not “private”).
  • Follow the NBA2K Twitter account.
  • Look for the Giveaway Tweet, which will be labelled “#2KDay Giveaway”.
  • Reply to the Giveaway Tweet with the hashtags #2KDay and #giveaway to be entered.

And that’s it, all done! Now, all that you need is to get a bit lucky! Lastly, one final notice. Unfortunately, you may only enter the giveaway from the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. Sadly, if you are not from these regions, you are not eligible for the rewards. For those of you who are eligible, good luck! If you want to read the complete rules, here’s the official rules page.

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