Distance Grinded on Skateboard NBA 2K23 SI Kids Endorsement

In our Distance Grinded on Skateboard NBA 2K23 SI Kids Endorsement guide, we are going to show you how to complete this step in the SI Kids Magazine Cover quest. It’s nothing too difficult to pull off mechanically. What is annoying is finding a long enough rail to grind so that you can finish the mission as efficiently as possible. That’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this article, so let’s hop in.

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distance grinded on skateboard nba 2k23 si kids endorsement
Distance Grinded on Skateboard NBA 2K23 SI Kids Endorsement

Distance Grinded on Skateboard NBA 2K23 SI Kids Magazine Cover

To complete the Distance Grinded on Skateboard step of the NBA 2K23 SI Kids Magazine Cover quest and earn their endorsement, you have to find a really long rail. Unfortunately, there’s not a single rail in the City that is long enough to cover this part of the mission in one go. Fortunately, the Gatorade Gym is surrounded by rails, which you can also use to complete the previous step, Rails Grinded on Skateboard. Anyway, the longest rail we’ve been able to find starts at the south side of the Gatorade Gym. If you go across the whole thing, it should grant you 200 out of the necessary 1,000 points. Using this particular rail is the least painful way to do this.

nba 2k23 si kids magazine cover distance grinded on skateboard
Start around here

So, that’s basically all you need to complete the NBA 2K23 SI Kids Magazine Cover Distance Grinded on Skateboard quest step and win their endorsement. Mind you, this is still gonna take some practice. You need to approach the rail with some speed and land on it at an angle of about 45 degrees or so. You might not get it down pat the first few tries, but keep at it, and you’ll do just fine eventually. Really, the biggest problem here is the repetitive nature of the mission step. Even if you master the longest rail, you’ll still have to go its full length about five times before you cover enough distance. The other steps are not as annoying, even if they too are pretty repetitive.

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