NBA 2K23 Core Badges Explained, How to Equip, Which Core Badge to Choose

In our NBA 2K23 Core Badges Explained, How to Equip, Which Core Badge to Choose guide, we are going to cover several crucial points about this new system. First off, we are going to explain what this new mechanic does and how. Then, we will explain how to equip Core Badges and how to tell which ones to choose. Lastly, we are going to cover whether you can change Core Badges. There’s a lot to get through, so let’s dive in.

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nba 2k23 core badges explained how to equip which core badge to choose
NBA 2K23 Core Badges Explained, How to Equip, Which Core Badge to Choose

NBA 2K23 Core Badges & Core Challenges Explained

The Core Badges and Core Challenges in NBA 2K23 are a new system that should give you more build flexibility. Basically, equipping a Badge as a Core Badge gives you back some of the points you’ve invested in order to unlock it. Then, you can do challenges related to the Badge you’ve set as one of your core ones in order to unlock its benefits. This system is kinda sorta like the one you had in 2K17, where you had to do challenges to better your badges. The only real difference is that you can have only one Core Badge for each core category: Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking and Defense / Rebounding.

How to Equip Core Badge in NBA 2K23

To equip a Core Badge in NBA 2K23, you first have to invest enough Badge Points to unlock it. Tier 1 Badges cost one Point for Bronze, two for Silver, three for Gold and four for HoF. Tier 2 Badges cost three, four, five and six points, respectively, and Tier 3 cost five, six, seven and eight Points. Plus, in order to get a Tier 3 Badge, you have to invest at least ten Points in Tier 1 and 2. So, for just one HoF Tier 3 Badge, you need to invest eighteen Points. However, when you set it as a Core Badge by highlighting it and pressing Triangle or Y, you’ll get the eight points back, which you can then reinvest in another Badge. Reminder: before you can enjoy the benefits of a Core Badge, you have to complete the connected challenge.

Which Core Badge to Choose in 2K23

The answer is: whichever is the highest tier of Badge you can afford in each category in NBA 2K23, that’s what you should use as your Core Badge. If you can afford a Hall of Fame Tier 3 Badge, definitely go for that one. If the best you can do is, like a Tier 2 Bronze Badge, do that one. Heck, even a Hall of Fame Tier 1 Badge, sure, whatever you can scrape up. As for which exact Badges you should use, well, that’s not for me to tell you. That’s something you have to figure out for yourself since those choices are completely up to your preferred play style.

Can You Change Core Badge in NBA 2K23

Yes, you should be able to change your Core Badge in NBA 2K23. After all, it takes a lot of work to be able to equip the highest-tier Badges. You won’t be able to afford them right from the jump, as we’ve touched on in the previous section. However, you are still going to want to use whichever Badge you can get your hands on. So, it only makes sense that the game will let you switch them out as you progress and unlock higher-tier Badges. If we’re wrong about this, please, let us know in the comments below, and we’ll amend the article.

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