NBA 2K23 Face Scan Not Working, Can't Log In

Now that NBA 2K23 is out, players all around the world are delighted that they can play the newest installment in this sports franchise. 2K23 is by far the most technically impressive 2K game yet, with many changes and upgrades to its look and gameplay. Of course, one of the best things about this series has always been the ability to make a character that looks like you. And, with the Face Scan, this was made easier than ever before. But what to do if the NBA 2K23 Face Scan is not working, and you can’t log in? Well, we’re here to explain everything about this system, including how to use it, as well as what to do if it isn’t working.

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NBA 2K23 Face Scan Not Working, Can't Log In
NBA 2K23 Face Scan Not Working, Can’t Log In

Face Scan Isn’t Working, Can’t Log In NBA 2K23

Currently, the reason why the Face Scan isn’t working in NBA 2K23 is because the app still hasn’t been authorized and cleared on all mobile systems. A similar issue was also present on NBA 2K22 when it was released. So the best course of action here is to be patient and wait until they sort it out. If the problem persists, you should contact their support for further assistance.

NBA 2K 23 How to Scan Your Face

Now, let’s see how to scan your face in the game. To begin with, download and install the MyNBA2K23 app to a compatible Android or iOS device. After that, create a MyPLAYER account and connect it to both NBA 2K23 and MyNBA2K23. Next, go to MyNBA2K23, and choose the “Scan Your Face” option. Follow the instructions on the screen and you will be good to go. Here are a couple of tips to make your face scan even better and clearer:

  • Make sure that your face is in clear, even lighting, without too many shadows.
  • When scanning, place the phone at your eye level.
  • Hold the device at approximately 18″ away from your face.
  • When prompted to do so, turn your head very slowly, and look forward while doing so and not on the phone.
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    Patience is not a virtue when you paid $150 of your hard earned money for a game that you can’t use 100% at the time of release every year I go through this with 2k

    1. R

      ☝🏾Facts…usually when you buy something no matter the price it should work properly. Every year we are separated from more of our money to build the my career experience, and 2k fails to see the importance of having everything in working order. It’s disrespectful that it takes over 200,000 VC to make a MY PLAYER and we can’t use the face scan to give an authentic personal experience.

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    Quintez Brown

    Wow face scan still not working wtf

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      Still not working

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