NBA 2K24 Best Shooting Guard Build

Wondering what the best Shooting Guard or SG build in NBA 2K24 is? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in this guide. Specifically, we’ll be talking about the best SG build in NBA 2K24 if your player is 6’6″. That is pretty much the ideal height for a shooting guard, after all. And, of course, we’ll be sure to give you builds for both current-gen and next-gen consoles.

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nba 2k24 best shooting guard build
NBA 2K24 Best Shooting Guard Build

NBA 2K24 Best Shooting Guard Build 6’6″

What we would consider to be the best 6’6″ Shooting Guard build, or the best SG build in NBA 2K24, revolves around effective shooting from the three-point line and inside the line but outside of the key. That is what the Shooting Guard is all about, after all. And just for good measure, we add a relatively high level of driving layup. Ball handling and speed are also important (both with and without the ball), as is stamina and acceleration. Pretty much everything else, aside from perimeter defense, is entirely secondary. As for the takeovers, they vary depending on whether you’re playing next or current gen, as you’re about to see. Here’s our build.

  • Custom Template
    • Height – 6’6″
    • Weight – 204 lbs
    • Wingspan – 6’10”
    • Body Shape – Built
  • Attributes
    • Close Shot 56
    • Driving Layup 76
    • Driving Dunk 25
    • Standing Dunk 25
    • Post Control 25
    • Mid-Range Shot 77
    • Three-Point Shot 92
    • Free Throw 72
    • Pass Accuracy 70
    • Ball Handle 93
    • Speed With Ball 83
    • Interior Defense 34
    • Perimeter Defense 91
    • Steal 87
    • Block 25
    • Offensive Rebound 25
    • Defensive Rebound 47
    • Speed 85
    • Acceleration 85
    • Strength 74
    • Vertical 57
    • Stamina 92
  • Next Gen Primary and Secondary Takeover – Spot-Up Precision, Limitless Range
  • Current Gen Primary and Secondary Takeover – Spot-Up Shooter, Playmaker

And there you go, that’s our best Shooting Guard or SG build for NBA 2K24, on both current and next gen platforms. Obviously, things change depending on your height of choice, but I think 6’6″ is definitely the way to go. Also, there’s room for changing things up a little depending on your specific needs. If you feel like your player might benefit from rearranging Attribute points a little bit, by all means, go for it. So long as you keep the most important Attributes high, you’ll be golden.

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