NBA 2K24 Brickley Gym Closed, When Does it Open?

In our NBA 2K24 Brickley Gym Closed, When Does it Open guide, we are going to give you all the information we have on the situation. By that, I mean that Brickley’s Gym is closed for a lot of people, and nobody quite knows why. Some people do manage to come in, but then they have no idea how to get back in once they get a quest that requires going to the gym. So, what exactly is going on and is there anything you can do to fix it? Here’s everything we now.

nba 2k24 brickley gym closed when does it open
NBA 2K24 Brickley Gym Closed, When Does it Open?

NBA 2K24 Brickley’s Gym is Closed Issue

The solution to Brickley’s Gym being closed in NBA 2K24 hasn’t been found yet. There are several theories floating around the internet, and the most popular at the moment is that you can only play each activity once a week. As in, if you’ve already played 3v3 once, that’s it until next week. However, we just don’t know at this point. Knowing 2K Games, it could just be some kind of horrific bug that’s now stalling the progress of hundreds of players. We’ll try and keep an eye on the problem and update the guide once we have an answer. If you’ve managed to figure out a workaround, let us all know in the comments. Somebody apparently got in by mashing LB and RB, but I have no idea whether that was a coincidence.

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When Does Brickley Gym Open in NBA 2K24

So, that’s what we know about Brickley’s Gym being closed in NBA 2K24, but when does Brickley’s Gym open in 2K24? As far as we know, the doors should be open at all times of the day, presumably so that time zones don’t become an issue (and 2K can’t be bothered with local server time). The major difference is that you have access only to 3v3 from Monday to Thursday and 5v5 from Friday to Sunday. As for drills, they are only available once a week. Either way, the system is definitely not working right no matter what their ideas were. And if it is, then they didn’t communicate it at all and the design is awful.

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