How to start NBA 2K24 SGA Fashion Tips

In our NBA 2K24 SGA Fashion Tips guide, we are going to show you how to unlock the quest, or at least how we got access to it. Then we’ll also mention how other people did it, because there are some discrepancies there. After that, we’ll explain how to complete the quest and the rewards you’ll get for it. Let’s begin!

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nba 2k24 sga fashion tips
NBA 2K24 SGA Fashion Tips

How to Start SGA Fashion Tips NBA 2K24

To trigger the SGA Fashion Tips quest in NBA 2K24, we just played the game completely normally. We just did the regular games in MyCareer, and at one point, we got the notification that the mission is available. It is probably connected to how many followers you have. Or maybe how popular you are in general, we’re not sure. However, we have seen people say that they had to beat all eight bosses in Sunset Park, then all eight at The Point, as well as the weekly Streetball challenge. I can’t say for certain what the requirements are, so please sound off in the comments if you know for certain. Again, all we did was play MyCareer, and it popped up at one point.

Talk with SGA in The City NBA 2K24

However you start the SGA Fashion Tips in NBA 2K24, to complete the quest, you have to talk to SGA in the City. His full name is Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and he’s in the west part of the city. You have to go through a small stone archway and then to the court that lies behind it. SGA will be waiting for you on the other side of the court. Just follow the quest marker, and you’ll find him no problem. If you are having trouble with it, check out our video. That’ll lead you straight to him. After you talk to SGA, you’ll get some cool clothes for your troubles, as well as another side quest: T’d Up Magazine Cover.

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