NBA 2K24 Camera Bug, Change Camera Angle in MyCareer

In our NBA 2K24 Camera Bug, Change Camera Angle in MyCareer guide, we are going to show you how to change the camera in the game. Doing that is always useful in general, of course, but it’s especially handy if you encounter the camera angle issue. What happens is, the camera stops following you and freezes in place. It’s a big problem, and switching the angle can help. Let’s begin.

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nba 2k24 camera bug change camera angle in mycareer
NBA 2K24 Camera Bug, Change Camera Angle in MyCareer

How to Change Camera Angle in NBA 2K24

There are two ways to change your camera angle in NBA 2K24, which should help fix the camera bug in MyCareer. The first one is to pause the game right at the start, or just before the tip-off. Scroll through the options to “Camera.” Play with the settings until you find the angle you want, save the settings, and continue the game. Apparently, going with 2K Low seems to take care of the problem.

The second way to do this is to press right on the d-pad during a game. You can change the camera on the fly like that (especially in The City or The Park). One thing you should know is that doing this doesn’t pause the game, so be careful when you do it. Again, 2K Low is a good choice to repair the bug, but I’m sure there are other that do the same.

NBA 2K24 MyCareer Camera Angle Issue

Now that you know how to change the camera angle in MyCareer in NBA 2K24, you should be able to fix the issue or bug where the camera refuses to follow your character. Instead, it gets stuck somewhere around half court, preventing you from seeing what you’re doing. I’m sure the developers will release a hotfix for it at some point, or maybe they’ll repair the glitch in a future patch. Either way, you’ll have to use a different camera angle until then. Maybe you can change the camera and then flip back to your preferred angle; it’s worth a try.

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