NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Build

In our NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Build guide, we are going to show you a build that’s going to be pretty close to Black Mamba. The build puts a strong emphasis on offense, creating an absolute beast when it comes to destroying the opposing offense. It does lack defensive capabilities, but that’s not what this build is about anyway. Let’s jump into it!

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nba 2k24 kobe bryant build
NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Build

Best Kobe Bryant Build NBA 2K24

The best Kobe Bryant NBA 2K24 build we’ll present you with in the list below focuses mostly on the finesse that the Black Mamba was famous for. It won’t give you the raw physicality of Kobe, but it will give you a relentless offense player that should be able to shatter any defense you come across. Unfortunately, you’ll be largely useless in defense (aside from perimeter defense). But if you want to be an absolute beast on the offense, like Kobe was, go for the build. And feel free to adjust the build to your preferences, of course.

  • Custom Template
    • Position – Shooting Guard
    • Height – 6’6″
    • Weight – 204 lbs
    • Wingspan – 6’10”
  • Attributes
    • Close Shot 64
    • Driving Layup 84
    • Driving Dunk 85
    • Standing Dunk 30
    • Post Control 75
    • Mid-Range Shot 90
    • Three-Point Shot 81
    • Free Throw 70
    • Pass Accuracy 73
    • Ball Handle 92
    • Speed With Ball 83
    • Interior Defense –
    • Perimeter Defense 85
    • Steal 45
    • Block –
    • Offensive Rebound –
    • Defensive Rebound 40
    • Speed 86
    • Acceleration 83
    • Strength 50
    • Vertical 75
    • Stamina 96

And there you go, that’s what we believe to be the best Kobe Bryant build in NBA 2K24. Perhaps not exactly a straight-up secret build, but a pretty great approximation. Before we start wrapping up, huge props and thank-you to Cinco Gaming on YouTube for creating the build. You can check out his video for a detailed breakdown on why he put each attribute at the level he did. And if you want help with something else in NBA 2K24, check out some of our other guides. We have articles like SGA Fashion Tips, How to Get 2K Day Attire and Earn 2x Rep, and Fastest Max Badges Method, to name just a few.

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