NBA 2K24 Servers Down? Check 2K Sports Server Status

Are NBA 2K24 servers down right now? The latest iteration of the popular basketball game is here. Being an always-online game, it requires a constant connection with the game servers. Alas, issues like “Please wait, contacting 2K Sports Server…” might happen from time to time. In this article, we will regularly inform you about NBA 2K24 server status, current outrages, downtimes, and maintenance schedule.

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NBA 2K24 Down? 2K Sports Server Status
NBA 2K24 Down? 2K Sports Server Status

Are 2K24 Servers Down Currently?

Update: On Saturday, September 9th, at around 4 pm CEST / 3 pm BST / 10 am EDT / 7 am PDT, players are reporting server issues with NBA 2K24. For now, the developers are yet to respond. We will follow the situation closely and update the article with any potential new issues.

At the time of writing, players report various issues, as it seems that NBA 2K24 servers are down at launch. Players are receiving the message “Please wait, contacting 2K Sports Server…” and are unable to connect to the game. For now, that’s all we know. Nevertheless, we will make sure to update the article as soon as we have more information.

The servers can go down for various reasons. For example, a massive influx of players trying to play the game simultaneously might overload the servers, causing them to crash. A DDoS attack or other nefarious activities might bring them down as well. Things like regular updates and maintenance usually also require servers to go offline for some time. Whatever the case, we will make sure to regularly and promptly update the article with the latest information regarding the NBA 2K24 server status.

How to Check 2K Sports Server Status

The best and the fastest way to check NBA 2K24 server status is via the official NBA2K game status page. There, you will always have the latest information regarding any server issues. In addition, the official NBA 2K Twitter account is also a good place to follow for the latest info. The same goes, for the developer’s Twitter handle. Finally, you can always come back here. We will strive to regularly and promptly update this guide as soon as there are some server and connection issues with NBA 2K24.

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  1. L
    LaMarr C Buell

    This is just crazy spent the money to pre order 2k24 n can’t even access the severs this is just ridiculous

  2. A

    It’s 15:07 gmt and I haven’t been able to get on I can’t connect and get and error code

  3. S

    Keep saying “you must be online to enter MyCareer” come on man….

  4. M
    Marvis G

    Same error code, even after the update its not possible to log in

    spent 200k vc and cant log in

  5. J

    Ever since this morning I haven’t been able to connect to servers

  6. 2

    2:40 GMT Sept 9th. Error code when trying to connect to play online.

  7. R
    Ronnie Lawson

    Sucks I can’t play. Was working then I went to play my first game and it started freezing then won’t let me back in. Just keep getting a error message

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