NBA 2K24 Elite or Rise Affiliation Choice

NBA2K24 features two Affiliations that next-gen players can join. This time around, you can side with Elite or Rise. Both of these are of big help with your MyPLAYER progression, and each of them has unique rewards that players will be able to get. Unlike 2K23, which had four Affiliations, this time around the choice of which one to pick is far more important. With that said, which one is the best Affiliation in NBA2K24? In this guide, we are going to go over the pros and cons for the NBA 2K24 Elite or Rise Affiliation choice, so that you can select the Affiliation that’s the best fit for you.

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NBA 2K24 Elite or Rise Affiliation Choice
NBA 2K24 Elite or Rise Affiliation Choice

Rise Vs Elite NBA 2K24 Affiliations Differences

First of all, Rise and Elite both feature completely different aesthetics. Rise is modeled after the legendary city of Atlantis, so you can expect to see a lot of water-themed things there. And Elite is a futuristic science-fiction city. The description for Rise states that its purpose is to: “Elevate your team! Earn your unique gameplay rewards towards finishing and playmaking. Dishing to the open market has never been so worth it.” And for Elite: “Want the ball in your hands for the last shot? Earn unique gameplay boosts toward defense and shooting by making big plays on both ends.”

Let’s see which rewards you can get from both of them, starting with Rise:

  • Heat Check Gameplay Boost
  • Finishing Boost
  • Playmaking Boost

And as for Elite:

  • Two-Way Tenacity Gameplay Boost
  • Defense Boost
  • Shooting Boost

Which Affiliation to Choose in NBA 2K24 Elite or Rise?

This comes down to personal preference. If you want a straightforward bonus to both your offense and defense, then Elite could be the better choice here. But if your playstyle is oriented more around playmaking, then Rise is probably the better way to go. In either case, you will be able to switch back and forth if you don’t like either Affiliation (though note that your REP will be reset each time you do so), so you can’t really go wrong whicever one you pick.

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