NBA 2K24 MyCourt Location Next Gen & Current Gen

There are many differences between the next gen and current gen versions of NBA 2K24. One of the biggest changes between these versions is where you can find MyCourt in NBA 2K24. On the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S devices, it isn’t even called MyCourt, adding to the overall confusion. In this guide, we are going to help you find and get inside the NBA 2K24 MyCourt Location, both on Next Gen and Current Gen devices.

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NBA 2K24 MyCourt Location Next Gen & Current Gen
NBA 2K24 MyCourt Location Next Gen & Current Gen

NBA 2K24 MyCourt Next Gen Location

If you are playing on the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, you are playing the next gen version of NBA 2K24. In that case, you might be surprised as you can’t see the PS5 MyCourt location on the map. Instead the location where you need to go is called the Gatorade Training Facility. When you arrive there, you will then be able to Reserve a Private Court or to join your friends’ Court. In either case, this is essentially MyCourt, only for next gen devices. And the Gatorade Training Facility is also where you will be able to go to the Gym and work out. Doing this allows you to change your body type.

How to Find NBA 2K24 MyCourt on Current Gen

On the other hand, MyCourt is still present on current gen devices. So if you have bought NBA 2K24 on PS4 or Xbox 1, you also need to go to the Training Facility on the left side of the map to get to the MyCourt location. However, once you’re there, don’t go in. What you need to do instead is to head over to the Directory, which is right next to the entrance there. Interact with it, select Castle and from there – select MyCourt. And that’s how to get inside MyCourt on both the current gen devices.

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