New World Briar Branches Locations - A Prickly Request

A Prickly Request is a New World quest that you can undertake, and it requires you to locate several Briar Branches harvested from Briars at their locations. You will receive this quest from Barkeep Cormack in Windsward. He will request that you bring him several ingredients he needs to make a stew. These are: 3 Skinned Rabbits, 6 Plucked Turkeys, and 8 Briar Branches from Briars. The rabbits and turkeys are pretty self-explanatory, but Briar Branches are a whole different matter. To help you get your hands on these as quickly as possible, we’ve put together this Briar Branches Locations – A Prickly Request guide. It will tell you everything you need to know about Briar Branches and where to get them.

Briar Branches Locations - A Prickly Request

Where To Find Briars For A Prickly Request in New World

To begin with, we need to explain what briars exactly are, so that there won’t be any confusion when you do encounter them. The briar is a sort of thorny bush that can form a thicket. You may be familiar with the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, in which the princess is named Briar Rose. Just like in that story, the briars are large, thorny bushes. Luckily, you do not need any additional equipment in order to harvest the Briar Branches off of one. Simply approach it and press E by default and you will receive 2 Briar Branches in your inventory. Since the A Prickly Request quest requires you to find 8 Briar Branches, this means that you will need to harvest 4 Briars in total.

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Briars grow near water. So, the fastest way to find some is to head directly west from Windsward right after you have received the quest. You will find briar bushes growing along the shore of the river and you will be able to easily harvest them. After you have collected 8 Briar Branches – as well as 3 skinned rabbits and 6 plucked turkeys – return to Barkeep Cormack to get a nice reward.

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