Trapper Renee Location - Trapping the Trapper in New World

The New World Trapping the Trapper quest requires you to find the spawn location of Trapper Renee. The quest giver, Magistrate Clark, sends you to find Renee somewhere on the Olcott farm, but that isn’t of too much help. Even if you do know where the farm actually is, finding where Trapper Renee spawns is a whole different matter. That being the case, here’s our Trapper Renee Location – Trapping the Trapper in New World guide to help you out.

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trapper renee location trapping the trapper in new world
Trapper Renee Location – Trapping the Trapper in New World

Where is Trapper Renee Location in New World Trapping the Trapper Quest

The location of Trapper Renee in the New World Trapping the Trapper quest is on the second floor of a seemingly random farmhouse in southwest Everfall. Magistrate Clark will specifically tell you to search for Renee in the Olcott family farm, which is exactly what you’re supposed to do, but the real trick is figuring out which house exactly to look in. Well, it’s the one in the southwest of the farmstead, next to a windmill. To see the exact location, check out our screenshots below; they’ll make orientation significantly easier.

So, like we’ve said, once you get into the house, you need to get to the second floor. That’s pretty easy, since there’s a staircase leading straight up. As soon as you reach the top of the stairs, turn left, and you’ll see a couple of beds and a fireplace. The spawn location of Trapper Renee in Trapping the Trapper quest in New World is right in front of said fireplace. There is a potential catch here, however – if someone else gets to Renee before you do, the enemy goes on cooldown. So, if you don’t spot the trapper as soon as you walk in, wait a while for them to respawn.

Once you know where to find Renee in Trapping the Trapper, and when you meet them face to face, all that’s left to do is beat them into mush. While you’re at it, feel free to loot the rest of the stuff in the room. Might as well, right? With the quest complete, report back to Magistrate Clark.

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