Defeat Overseer Zane New World

There’s a quest in New World that requires you to defeat Overseer Zane in Ebonrock Cavern, and you can also get a bounty that requires you to kill him. It all seems very straightforward, and indeed it would be if there weren’t for some design flaws that make completing this quest an absolute nightmare. So, in our Defeat Overseer Zane New World guide, we’ll give you a few pointers to hopefully help you out.

defeat overseer zane new world
Defeat Overseer Zane New World

How to Defeat Overseer Zane New World

To defeat Overseer Zane in New World, you first need to know where to find him. That part shouldn’t be too hard, since the quest marker will take you straight to him, regardless of whether you’re looking for Zane as a bounty or through the “Something to Prove” quest. He’ll be hiding out in Ebonrock Cave, which is north of Shadowmine, in the northeast of Everfall. Again, just follow your marker into the cave, and you should have no problem finding Zane’s spawn point. However, if you’re particularly unlucky, you’ll see what the actual issue is as soon as you step inside.

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how to defeat overseer zane in ebonrock cave new world
Overseer Zane location

Odds are, you’ll find a whole bunch of other players trying to get Zane, too. As soon as he appears, all of you are going to try and bring him down at the same time. The major trouble here is that it’s not enough that you tag (aka hit him once or twice) the guy to defeat Overseer Zane in New World; you actually need to do a certain amount of damage for it to count. Making things worse still is his respawn time, which is about six or seven minutes. During that time, the people that got the kill will leave, but a whole bunch of new players will arrive.

The best bet you have is to try and group up with four other random people waiting in the cave. That way, all of you will get the credit if one of you manages to do enough damage to complete the quest. Other than that, just pray and hope to god that he spawns closest to you. Either way, I wish you the best of luck.

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