Woodlouse Bait New World - How to Get Snail Bait

The Woodlouse Bait is a New World item that you will need in order to complete several tasks in the game. The first of these is the “Fishing With Shields” task you will get in Windsward. For the second one, which is part of the “Baited” quest, you will have to create some snail bait, and Woodlouse Bait is a necessary component of this. So, needless to say that Woodlouse Bait is used for many things in New World. But where can you find this material? Going by its name alone, it isn’t really clear where you can find it. The “wood” part of its name suggests that you can find it in trees, but this isn’t the case. If you are having problems finding Woodlouse Bait in the game, our Woodlouse Bait New World – How to Get Snail Bait will help you find and gather this material.

Woodlouse Bait New World - How to Get Snail Bait

Where to Find Woodlouse Bait – New World Snail Bait Location

Woodlouse Bait is found in bushes. Just like in real life, bushes in New World grow all over the map and you can easily find them practically anywhere outside. However, when you interact with a bush, you often won’t get Woodlouse Bait from it. Usually, you will only receive Green Wood from it. This can easily make you think that you cannot get Woodlouse Bait this way. You can, in fact, get it from bushes, but they have a very low chance of dropping like that. Typically, you will get just one Woodlouse Bait for a dozen or even more bushes that you interact with.

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So, to complete the “Fishing With Shields” task which requires you to find x5 Woodlouse Bait, you will have to search several dozen bushes until you find enough of them. Their spawn rate can be increased by using gear which boosts the amount of resources you gather. This way, you can also gather enough Woodlouse Bait to create Snail bait and complete the “Baited” quest.

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