Disable Level Up Notifications in New World Chat

New World just launched its closed beta and a lot of people started playing, but they are also getting annoyed by constant level up notifications and are wondering how to disable them. What’s happening is that at the beginning of the game a lot of people are in the same area. They are also finishing starter quests quickly and leveling up because of that. The game announces in chat that a person nearby leveled up. This means that all you are seeing in chat are level up messages. This is annoying because you can easily miss some fun banter in global chat. There’s a way to customize chat and newcomers might not be aware of this. We’ll help you by explaining how to disable level up notifications in New World chat and customize it to your liking.

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How to disable level up notifications in New World Chat

How to disable level up notifications in New World chat?

To disable level up notifications in New World chat you have to go into chat settings and hide area chat. To do this you have to follow these steps:

  1. Press enter to open up the full chat interface.
  2. Mouseover the Chat icons to the left.
  3. This will expand additional chat options and there is a cog wheel in the upper right of the newly expanded window.
  4. Click the cog wheel to open the chat settings and set Area to muted.
disable level up notifications in New World chat

In these settings you can customize what goes into your feed and what is muted. Alternatively, you can just pick to see Global, Help or Recruitment chat by clicking on that category in the left hand menu instead of choosing Feed. This seems like the easiest fix. Still, this will make you miss messages from other global channels and I would recommend against it. Better to just mute area chat. At least for the first areas of the game. You should remember to unmute it later on when population spreads out in the world. Not having it on might have you miss some friendly emote notifications from friends.

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