How Do I Sell Junk - Where is the Vendor NPC in New World

The matter of how to sell junk items in New World and where to find a merchant NPC might be one of the more contentious matters in the game, especially during its early stages. Given the nature of New World, you’re highly likely to gather some junk items and gear that you’ll want to get rid off. So, you’d assume that there’s some merchant that’s willing to purchase all your spear weapons, armor, and the like. Well, in our How Do I Sell Junk – Where is Vendor NPC in New World guide, we’ll explain what the situation is really like.

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how do I sell junk where is vendor npc in new world
How Do I Sell Junk – Where is Vendor NPC in New World

How to Sell Junk in New World – Where is the Vendor NPC

To sell your junk in New World, there is no vendor NPC that can help you. At least, we definitely haven’t found one that is willing to accept items that you’ve picked up, but don’t want anymore. Granted, the game is early in development at the time of writing. Maybe the devs plan to add some kind of merchant down the line. It could also be that we’ve missed this NPC somehow. If that is the case, by all means, let us know in the comments below. As it stand now, though, there is no vendor in New World that is willing to buy your junk items.

That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck hauling sacks full of garbage. You do still have options. For one, you can discard unwanted stuff, which really should be your last recourse. Rather than simply chucking items, consider the Salvage option, as shown below. That way, you get rid of the “offending” thing, and you’ll receive repair parts and some gold for it. Repair parts become very useful later in the game. Salvaging some items may also grant crafting items.

new world how to sell junk vendor npc location
Salvage unwanted items when possible

If you’re adamant about your decision to sell junk in New World, then it’s not a vendor NPC you should be looking for. Rather, you need to find a trading post in a town, and then trade with other players. It might just happen that somebody needs the exact type of bow or whatever that’s useless to you, and they’re willing to part with some gold for it. However, don’t forget to salvage things at least now and again; you’re gonna need those spare parts.

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