Dummy Frame New World - How to Use Dummy Frame

The dummy frame is a special, legendary item in the game that you can use to make a training dummy. The requirements for it are pretty high, but it’s a potentially very useful thing to have. That being the case, how does one get the dummy frame, and how do you actually use it? Well, that’s what we’ll be showing you in our Dummy Frame New World – How to Use Dummy Frame guide.

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dummy frame new world how to use dummy frame
Dummy Frame New World – How to Use Dummy Frame

How to Get Dummy Frame New World

To get the dummy frame in New World, you’ll either have to find it somewhere in the open world, or get it via the Trading Post by placing a buy order. When it comes to getting it in the open world, keep in mind that it’s a legendary item, so it drops fairly rarely. The higher the level of the enemies, the better your odds of randomly getting a dummy frame from one of them. Alternatively, open as many chests and crates, especially those that say “Supplies” as you can and hope that the frame drops from one of them. If you’re not prepared to wait, put in a buy order at the Trading Post and hope that somebody is willing to sell. Expect for them to charge you a lot for it, too.

How to Use Dummy Frame New World

To use the dummy frame in New World, you’ll need a Furnishing skill level of 50 and a Tier 3 Workshop. On top of that, you should also get thirty-five Lumber and ten Fibers. What is all of this for? Well, you require all of these things, plus the dummy frame, to make a training dummy. Why do you need one of those? Well, strictly speaking, you don’t really need it. However, placing a training dummy somewhere near your home can be fairly handy to test out builds and new weapons and whatnot. Again, not something essential, but could prove useful if you’re messing with new gear. Better to know how it works before you’re hip-deep in enemies.

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