Void Metal New World - How to Get Void Metal Ingot

While Void Metal isn’t one of the most powerful metal ore types in New World, you will still want to acquire lots of this material so that you can create some better weapons and other gear. In this Void Metal New World – How to Get Void Metal Ingot guide, we will go over all the most important aspects of voidmetal, why it is important as a crafting material, and list out all of the ways that you can get it in New World.

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Void Metal New World - How to Get Void Metal Ingot

How to Get Void Metal New World

You can get voidmetal in several ways in New World. The most common way is through mining. Voidmetal can drop from Iron Veins, Tundra Elemental, Mountain Elemental, and Corrupt Orichalcum Spire. Besides this, you can also sometimes find it in containers such as Supply Caches, Supply Crates, Ancient Urns, and Ancient Coffers. Finally, it is also dropped by certain creatures – the Mountain Elemental and the Tundra Elemental. However, mining is by far the most reliable way, and the only one you can really count on. Likewise, Iron Ores, being so common, are the best way to farm this material. We recommend you read our New World Iron Locations guide to see where you can find a lot of them. But they are scattered all over the map and shouldn’t be too hard to locate.

The odds of getting a good drop when mining depends on your Mining Skill and your Mining Luck Skill. You can increase this skill by wearing certain items, or by cooking certain foods. These include: Roasted Potatoes, Herb-Roasted Potatoes, Boiled Potatoes, Poultry With Roasted Potatoes, and Salted Roasted Vegetables. Even when you max all of these out, it can still take a lot of grinding to get void metal in New World, but it should be a lot easier and quicker this way.

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