New World Gold Dupe Leads to Amazon Ban

The New World gold dupe glitch exploit is going to get your account banned. Not your Amazon account in the sense of the account you use to buy stuff online; there’s no way in the world that Bezos would allow that to happen. However, the account you’re playing New World on will get the axe. Not only that, but the developers will also “remove items or gold received where appropriate.” In other words, all your ill-gotten gains will be erased. So don’t do it.

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new world gold dupe leads to amazon ban
New World Gold Dupe Leads to Amazon Ban

New World Gold Dupe Exploit Invokes Ban Hammer

Before we continue, know that this is not going to be a New World gold dupe guide. Yes, we trade mostly in guides here on GosuNoob, but not this time. The New World gold exploit is just too unfair, and it kinda destroys the game completely. Players are using it to get infinite coins and items, basically, and that just runs the game’s economy straight into the ground. That’s not something I want to encourage, not because I’m against gaming the system in principle, but because I’m against ruining the experience for other players.

Now, that said, the New World money glitch is technically the fault of the developers. They messed up something with the server transfers that can take a character into a state of persistent failure, which can then be finagled into triggering the New World gold dupe exploit. Again, not gonna tell you how to do it. Whoever is to blame for the bug existing, however, is immaterial. The developers have had enough, and they have a log of all your transactions, as reported by PCGamer. So, if they find that your account has used the glitch to get rich, your account is toast, and nobody will get to keep the stuff anyway. Don’t. Do. It.

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