Pumpkaboo Sizes Pokemon GO - How to Get Super Size Pumpkaboo

Pumpkaboo is one of the new Pokemons that you can get as part of the special collection challenge in Halloween Mischief Part 2: Ghoulish Pals. Because of the way this particular challenge works, you will need to collect one of each Pumpkaboo sizes. Some of these are easy to get, while others are harder, with the Super Size Pumpkaboo being the most difficult to obtain. If you are having trouble with this Collection Challenge, our Pumpkaboo Sizes Pokemon GO – How to Get Super Size Pumpkaboo guide is here to help you.

Pumpkaboo Sizes Pokemon GO - How to Get Super Size Pumpkaboo

How to Get Super Size, Large, Average & Small Pumpkaboo – Pokemon Go

This Collection Challenge lasts from Friday, October 22nd 2021 at 10am (your local time), to Sunday, October 31, 2021, at 8:00pm (your local time). So, you have until Halloween to catch all four Pumpkaboo Sizes. But how to catch them all? The Pumpkaboo comes in four sizes: Small, Average, Large, and Super Size, and you need to get one of each. All of these appear in the Wild. You shouldn’t have too much trouble catching the Small and Average Pumpkaboo, as they have a good spawn rate. Also, the Average Pumpkaboo is the only size which you can also get during one-star Raids. As for the Large and Super Size, they are classified as “lucky” spawns. This means that they are much less likely to spawn.

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What you need to do here is to increase their spawn chance. There are a couple of ways how you can accomplish this. The first of these involves placing lures on PokéStops. Do this whenever you are near one. The other method is to apply Incense on your avatar. With these two methods, you should hopefully encounter these larger sizes soon. The Super Size is, of course, the largest one of these and it has the best stats. If you want to evolve your Pumpkaboo into Gourgeist, it’s recommended that you go after the Super Size Pumpkaboo.

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    Ok so I caught the Huge pumpum but for some reason when I appraised it it said super small? And my super small said huge??? Is it a glitch??

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