New World Hemp & Fiber Locations Map

Hemp and Fiber locations in New World are pretty important for a number of reasons. For one, you need to harvest Hemp in order to make Fiber in the first place. Fiber, on the other hand, is necessary for crafting things like linen and leather armor. So, if you’re out to be an armor smith, you’ll need to farm plenty of Hemp and Fiber. Plus, the process will also increase your Gathering skill, which is neat. With all of that said, here’s our New World Hemp & Fiber Locations Map guide, in which we’ll show you where to find these resources in Everfall, First Light, Windsward, and Monarch’s Bluff.

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new world hemp & fiber locations map
New World Hemp & Fiber Locations Map

Where to Find Hemp & Fiber Locations in New World

To find Hemp and thus Fiber locations in New World, you need to look in grassy, meadowy areas. Specifically, you’re looking for tall, spiky plants with pink buds. I mean, we’re all adults here: you’re basically collecting marijuana plants. If you know what those look like, you know what to look for. Now, since you start the game at one of the four starting areas, and you don’t get to choose which one, we’re gonna show you where to find Hemp and Fiber in each of these zones. Mind you, not all starting areas are equally generous with Hemp, but all four have at least some. It’s a very basic necessity, after all. Also, you’re gonna need a sickle to gather Hemp, so keep that in mind.

where to find hemp fiber locations new world everfall monarchs bluff windsward first light
Hemp locations in New World starting areas (click or tap to enlarge)

Everfall Hemp & Fiber Locations

When it comes to the Hemp and Fiber locations in Everfall in New World, you should look for them south of Everfall Town. There’s a farm in that general area, and there’s a fairly large expanse of meadows in its vicinity. You’re gonna find a bunch of Hemp plants growing in those meadows, so go ahead and harvest it.

First Light New World Hemp Locations

If you end up looking for Hemp locations in the First Light zone, you’ll need to go northeast of First Light Village, around Dayspring Mills, towards the Saircor bridge. In the area outside of Dayspring Mills and around the bridge, you should find plenty of Hemp plants all over the place. A word of warning: you’ll also come across enemies that are level 15 and above, so tread very, very lightly if you’re to weak to fight.

Monarch’s Bluff Hemp Locations

The majority of Hemp and Fiber locations in New World Monarch’s Bluff are in the southeast, along the border with Windsward. The area is marked as Riverseat on the map. The huge catch here is that the area is crawling with enemies that are level 20 and above. So, if you’re gonna be harvesting here, be very, very cautious. If you’d rather be on the safe side, you can find some Hemp east of the town of Monarch’s Bluff, around the forests and along the road in Devil’s Quarry.

Windsward Hemp Locations

When it comes to hemp locations in New World, Windsward is by far the most generous area to begin in. It has huge swaths of grasslands, mainly in the west of the zone, near the border with Monarch’s Bluff. The main clusters are near Fisherman’s Bend, where the main quest will take you around level 12. Look for the Primrose area on your map, and you’ll be golden as far as Hemp goes.

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