How to Catch Clam New World - Baited Quest

The Baited Quest in New World requires you to know how to catch a clam. This fishing task is by no means a tough challenge. However, it can be frustrating. Your mission is to catch both clams and snails, which are very hard to find. Read on as we guide you on where to catch a clam for the Baited Quest in New World.

How to Catch Clam New World - Baited Quest
How to Catch Clam New World – Baited Quest

How to Catch a Clam in Salt Water – New World Baited Quest

While snails live in freshwater, you can only catch clams in saltwater. This means they live in the coastal and marshland bodies. If you want to test what type of water is salt, try collecting it. If it cannot get collected, it is saltwater.

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While freshwater bodies are easy to identify on the map, saltwater bodies are less so. Check the map for uneven textured land with a yellow tint to it. This will be saltwater. There are several locations you can find these areas.

Stolen Shores to the west side of the Everfall Watch Tower is a great place to get started. It is one of the first places you see in the game. It is also very beginner-friendly, and you won’t find many enemies to bother you.

Another location is the right side of the Windsward territory. Cascade Harbor has a fishing hotspot that lies below the stone view sea break. A blue torch will mark the spot. Around it will be hotspots where you can catch a clam.

You can increase your chances of catching a clam by using Nightcrawler Bait. You can pick this up in and around the shores when you collect flint. Check out our guide on how to find it here.

Clams can be caught using any pole, but your chances increase with upgraded ones. The Aged Wood Fishing Pole and Treated Wood Fishing Pole will work better, especially if they have a lucky day and lucky night bonus added. You can buy these or craft them.

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