How to Get Nightcrawler Bait - New World Clam Bait

If you are wondering how to get New World Clam Bait, then Nightcrawler Bait is the answer. Found under rocks, you can use it in saltwater. This increases your chances of catching clams. It does require some foraging during daylight hours and knowledge of fishing. Read on as we discuss how to get Nightcrawler Bait in New World.

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How to Get Nightcrawler Bait - New World Clam Bait
How to Get Nightcrawler Bait – New World Clam Bait

The standard bait in New World comes from woodlouse, which you can find in any bush. Your first foray into fishing will be with Master Fisher Shields who will provide you with a pole and teach you to fish. From here, you have acquired one of the more gentle, relaxing tasks in the game.

The Nightcrawler Bait allows you to complete the Fisherfolk Needed task in New World. In this, you must get and deliver 15 Nightcrawler Bait. Doing so will get you six coins and raise your territory standing and XP.

Crucially, the Nightcrawler Bait gives you a boost, increasing your chances of catching a fish in saltwater. Derived from flint and day, you need to run around, collecting the flint itself. The Nightcrawler bait will be hiding under the rocks, and you may pick it up with the stones. This must take place during the day. At night, you will get Glowworm Bait.

Where to Find Nightcrawler Bait – New World Clam Bait

Nightcrawler bait will only give a boost in saltwater. This is water you find in coastal areas and inlets. If you are unsure what water you are in, then move into it and try to collect some. In New World, you can only collect freshwater.

You can still use the bait in freshwater, but don’t expect any boost. Tap R when fishing to bring up your bait selection. This should allow you to go and catch a clam. Our handy guide here can help you find the best locations.

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