Increase Inventory Storage Space & Carrying Capacity in New World

Getting an increase in inventory, storage space & carrying capacity in New World makes your life a lot easier. When you increase storage space, you don’t have to drop items or travel long distances to pick them up. You can also maximize carrying capacity, so you don’t have to run back and forth from storage areas. This happens when you get bigger bags that increase inventory space. Read on as we tell you how to increase storage and carrying capacity in New World.

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Increase Inventory Storage Space & Carrying Capacity in New World
Increase Inventory Storage Space & Carrying Capacity in New World

How to Increase Storage Space in New World

New World contains 11 settlements. In each of these, you can store your equipment in a storage shed. Each one can hold 1000kg worth of equipment. You can increase this when you level up your territory standings. Each time you do this, the capacity will increase by 25kg.

Three settlements will also let you own a tier 4 house. You can also store items here in chests. Each chest has a different weight limit, but in conjunction with your storage shed it should give you more than enough space.

There are also six outposts in the north. They do not provide houses but do have storage sheds. As they do not have territory standings the storage space cannot increase in these areas of New World.

How to Maximize Carrying Capacity in New World

To increase your carrying capacity, you first need to complete tasks to reach level 10. From here, you can begin to increase your carrying capacity beyond the starting level of 200. Once you reach this, you will find that you unlock the inventory slot for bags. These will come at levels 10, 30, and 45.

How to Increase Inventory Space & Get Bigger Bags in New World

There are two ways to get bigger bags in New World. These are crafting and by gaining them in quests. The first time you get one from a task will be shortly after you reach level 10. If you follow the main story, you will reach a quest where an innkeeper sends you to do an errand with another innkeeper. Once complete, you will be rewarded with your first bag.

The other option is to craft one. Head to an outfitting station with 25 linens, 2 leather, 10 iron ingots, and a minor rune of holding. All major towns will have one and you can buy the rune from your faction-specific store.

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