New World Best Territory Standings - Bonuses, Which Upgrades to Buy

New World has bonuses known as territory standings and you need to know which are the best upgrades to buy. With no respec button, you need to get this right from the start. Territory standing functions like a level up, but it is specific to the area you are in at the time. That means you could have great stats in one place on the map, and poorer ones in another. Read on as we help you choose the best territory standings and discuss which upgrades to buy.

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New World Best Territory Standings - Bonuses, Which Upgrades to Buy
New World Best Territory Standings – Bonuses, Which Upgrades to Buy

Best Territory Standings Bonuses in New World

Reddit user Intelligent-Sir8774 makes a very valid point when he discusses diminishing returns. The higher the territory standing bonuses are, the less you get from them. This means in the early stages of the game they make huge differences, but less so later. Exceptions to this are storage and house items, making them the most valuable all around.

New World Territory Standings – Which Upgrades to Buy

Storage Space is one of the few New World territory upgrades that should always be taken when available. As it does not diminish, it is valuable at any level. If you manage to increase your storage to the maximum capacity, this gives you 1600 weight capacity on a shed. This can house more heavy armor and materials than you can imagine.

Gathering Speed is a bonus that helps early in the game. It does what it says and will enhance your gathering speed. While this may seem like a small bonus, it can be vital if you have fierce competition. Anyone who has not yet got steel tools will find it particularly useful.

House Ownership is one of the mandatory upgrades and is one of the New World territory standing bonuses that are exclusive to rank 10. You can perform a neat trick to make it align in an earlier slot. Don’t allocate the 9th point. When you reach 10, do both at once. Having a house provides you with extra storage options and they also serve the same function as Inns.

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