New World June 2022 Dev Update Reveals Roadmap Update, Perk & Loot

The good people over at Amazon Games Orange County, aka the developers of New World, have been working hard to bring you some interesting stuff in the near future. In their June 2022 Dev Update video, they’ve pulled back the curtain and revealed some of the stuff they have in store. These will include changes to the Trade Skills, Perks and loot, the removal of Tuning Orbs, and much more. Let’s dive straight into it.

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new world june 2022 dev update reveals roadmap update perk & loot
New World June 2022 Dev Update Reveals Roadmap Update, Perk & Loot

June 2022 New World Dev Update Details

The first point from the newest dev update I want to cover is the removal of Tuning Orbs, aka Dungeon Keys or Expedition Keys. Instead, they’re introducing a limiter system. You’ll be able to run fifteen normal dungeons a day and twenty mutated dungeons a week. No more grinding for keys. And if you do have leftover Tuning Orbs, worry not. Once the update drops, they will turn into inventory caches, which will grant you rolls for boss loot from those dungeons. It’s not gonna be the full scope of rewards you’d get from said boss, but hey, it’s still a decent trade-off.

Speaking of trade-offs, the improvements to the Trade Skill. When you salvage something, you’ll have a chance to get the Perfect Salvage. This will give you a resource that you’ll be able to use to research Trade Skill XP, make it into new items, condense it into Gypsum, and more. There are also changes coming to Gathering, Refining and Crafting, including speeding up the process of getting to Level 200 in Logging and Fishing.

Next, we dive into the tweaks to Perks and loot. To begin with, the team is planning to buff around 150 Perks, which sounds pretty cool. It will definitely give you more flexibility with your loadout and build, that’s for sure. On top of that, the devs are also working on a method to decrease the randomness of Expedition Boss loot. How? Well, any expedition-specific named item will be available for salvage. This will grant you a new type of resource, which you’ll then use to craft your desired drop.

The update video goes into a lot more detail on all of these topics, as well as the game’s roadmap. This includes what to expect in the July PTR, such as Summer Medleyfaire and the Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition. So, to get a full scope, take a gander at the video we’ve embedded below. And all of this comes at the heels of the XP Extravaganza Event, which took place from June 6th to June 9th.

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