New World Master Smith McCoy Location

The New World Master Smith McCoy location is the place in Corlew’s Mine where you’ll find the bounty you’re hunting for the Blacksmith Betrayer quest. The quest will take you to the mines, yes, but won’t take you directly to your target. That’s why we’ll be focusing on where is Master Smith McCoy in New World in this guide. We will include a few tips on how to handle the fight, but that’ll mostly be up to you. So, with all of that said, let’s dive in.

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new world master smith mccoy location
New World Master Smith McCoy Location

New World Blacksmith Betrayer – Destroy Master Smith McCoy

To figure out where Master Smith McCoy is in New World Blacksmith Betrayer and how to destroy him, you first need to go to Corlew’s Mine, in the northwest of Brightwood. It’s a large region, and you can’t really miss it, especially since the quest marker will lead you straight to it. However, it won’t really take you straight to Smith McCoy. In fact, you’re going to find him to the northeast of the actual waypoint that the game provides. In the images below, you’ll see where Corlew’s Mine is, as well as where your target really is.

If you enter the mine from the south, you’ll go through one small entrance with two red banners, which will lead you through a larger doorway. As soon as you step through the larger doorway, head right and go up the stairs to the top of the wooden bridge, where you’ll find the location of Master Smith McCoy in New World. There are several ways that you can get up to his location, and this is just one of them. However you do it, try not to draw aggro from the other enemies patrolling the perimeter.

I say this because Master Smith McCoy is enough of an issue as is. For one, he’s a formidable level 35 enemy, and his giant hammer hurts a lot. Plus, he summons Molten Entities which explode and can blow you off the platform as you’re fighting. Try your best to avoid them and focus your damage on McCoy until he drops. Good luck!

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