Take a Picture of Ten Sheep in Good Life

The Good Life, the latest game from renowned game designer SWERY (best known for the Deadly Premonition series), is finally out. Similarly to DP, you will be able to take on several optional little side quests in the game. These are a great way to earn a bit of extra cash. But completing them can sometimes be a bit difficult, since their locations are not marked on the map. Particularly, the side quest that requires you to take a picture of ten sheep is one of the harder ones, for several reasons. If you have been having trouble with this quest, our Take a Picture of Ten Sheep in Good Life guide will tell you exactly where you need to look, and what you need to do.

Take a Picture of Ten Sheep in Good Life

10 Sheep Location in The Good Life

Once you have completed the “Faith in the Middle of Nowhere”, side quest, you will receive this new task from Lucy from the Morning Bell. Like the name of this side quest suggests, what you need to do here is to find a herd of exactly ten sheep, and then take their picture. However, this is easier said than done. A big issue here is that all ten sheep need to be in the photograph, clearly visible (so, no sheep being obscured behind another sheep), and in the camera’s crosshair. So position yourself until you can get a nice shot of all of them together in the same place.

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As for the location itself, you can find a herd of 10 sheep near the southern lake. We came upon them during the day, so we are not sure if they follow a specific schedule like most other NPCs in the game and are in some other place during nighttime. In any case, we have marked their general location on the map below, courtesy of Steam user Yuna Potato.

10 Sheep Location in The Good Life
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