New World Milk - Where to Find Cows

If you want to get milk in New World, then you need to know where to find cows. While it can come from crates, cows will give a steady supply. Unfortunately, not all cows will produce milk. You need to find ones that live in settlements. Read on as we give the location of cows and milk in New World.

Where to Find Milk in New World

Milk can come from supply and provision crates in New World. These will respawn all over the map and will also come with other supplies. Where many supplies are only available in certain areas, milk will appear everywhere. You can use it to create butter. However, you can also get milk the old-fashioned way. That involves finding a cow.

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Cows are all over New World. However, there are major differences between cows you will see in the wild and cows you will encounter in settlements. Only ones in towns give milk. Don’t waste your time searching for ones in the wild. You will spot them easily because these cows have names: Bessie in Monarch’s Bluffs, Buttercup in Mourningdale, Dottie in Windsward, Matilda in Restless Shore, Sherry in Light Settlement.

How to Get Milk From Cows in New World

So, can you milk cows in New World? Once you have found a cow in a settlement, try walking up to it. You will see the cow’s name and the command key to milk it. Press the key and your character will begin milking. Each session will get you around 23 milk. If you return a few hours later, the cow will have replenished, and you can get more.

New World Everfall Cow Location?

Unfortunately, there are no Everfall cows that will give you milk. Monarchs Bluff and First Light Village are the easiest places to find a cow that can give you some milk. Our map shows you the location of other cows on the map. Once you have your milk, head to a tier 2 or above kitchen. If you have a cooking level of 5 or above, you can turn it into butter.

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