New World Rivercress Stem Locations

The Rivercress Stem is one of New World resources that only appears in very specific locations. It is a Tier 2 Alchemical Resource, and you will need to find and gather some in order to complete the “Weakness of the Ego” quest. You will receive this quest from Adiana Theron. It requires that you gather x3 Water, x3 Petalcap, and x3 Rivercress Stem. Water is, of course, simple enough, and we have a guide on how to find Petalcaps. All that’s left are the Rivercress Stems. In this Rivercress Stem Locations New World guide, we will mark where they grow on a map, so that you can easily and quickly complete this “Weakness of the Ego” quest.

Rivercress Stem Locations New World

Where to Find Rivercress Stem in New World

The name of this plant is a pretty good giveaway concerning where they grow. Meaning, they can only be found along bodies of water, most usually rivers. Not every river will have these growing on its shores, but a good rule of thumb is to walk along the shore of a river until you encounter some Rivercress Stems. The Rivercress plant has several distinctive bright blue luminescent flowers, so it’s easy to spot. To be able to harvest it in order to get its stem, you will need to have at least Level 30 in the Harvesting Skill.

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If you are in a particular hurry to complete the “Weakness of the Ego” quest as soon as possible, make a beeline to the lake southeast from Adiana Theron. There are several Rivercress plants that you can harvest here, and you will be able to get the three Rivercress Stems necessary to finish the quest. We have marked this on the screenshot below. Note that these aren’t all the locations where you will find these in the game, just the areas that are closest to Adiana Theron.

Rivercress Stem Locations
Here are the Rivercress Stem locations which are the closest to Adiana Theron.
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