New World Sugar Locations

In New World, sugar locations are few and far between. They tend to be around populated areas. Many of them are also located in higher-level regions, making them tough to come by early in the game. However, with some scavenging, it is possible to get this cooking ingredient. Read on as we give you the sugar locations in New World.

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new world sugar locations
New World Sugar Locations

How to Get Sugar New World

Sugar is one of many resources found in New World. It will let you build sweet recipes such as pies and cakes. These types of foods will increase your dexterity, intelligence and focus in the game.  

How to Get Sugar New World

You can find sugar in three locations. These are Windsward, Reekwater and Ebonscale. Each has an increasing level of difficulty, so most people will start at Windsward rather than risk death in the other locations, to begin with. The more difficult the area, generally the more sugar locations are available.

Windsward has at least five spots around the main city. These are in provision creates which can be easily looted. You can identify crates with sugar by finding open containers with leaves sticking out of the top. They will tend to be around the outskirts of populated cities. Each crate will have a respawn rate of around 15 minutes per crate. This means you can return to stock up on more sugar after this time.

Reekwater is reserved for those around level forty. If you look around Scavenger’s Shore and Forecastle Drift you are sure to spot several crates. These are likely to contain the sugar you need along with other provisions.

The final region to visit for sugar is Ebonscale. This is a level fifty area, so don’t try it unless you have progressed in the game. Along the western shore, you will find provision crates that should contain sugar.

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