New World Thick Hide & Rawhide Farm Locations

Thick Hide and Rawhide are two essential crafting components in New World, so you need to know farm locations where you can get them. They are an ingredient used to make leather, essential for armor and other tools. Rawhide is in many locations in abundance. However, the thick hide is tougher to come by. Read on as we give the best locations for these items in New World.

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New World Thick Hide & Rawhide Farm Locations
New World Thick Hide & Rawhide Farm Locations

New World Thick Hide Farm Locations

The thick hide is step up from rawhide. It will not come from low-level boars and wolves that you have been fighting before. It will also be harder to find, so you need to do some searching for this crafting material. Unfortunately, it does not come from one specific animal or crate, so you need a touch of luck.

This material will drop randomly from certain types of animals. These will be in higher-level areas. You will start to see them at around level 35. Anything under this is unlikely to drop thick hide. Wolves and boars will still drop thick hide, but they need to be at a higher level. Other than this, alligators, bears, bobcats, elk, lynx, and bison should be the creatures you are looking for.

New World Rawhide – Best Place to Farm

New World Rawhide - Best Place to Farm
New World Rawhide – Best Place to Farm

Rawhide is much easier to find than thick hide. You need four rawhide to make coarse leather, so it is one of the first crafting components you need in the game. Farm it from low-level enemies, such as wolves and boars. The picture above shows the places where boars are plentiful.

One easy way to get it is to visit the boar farm itself. You can find plenty to kill here and claim the resource. The only problem is that it is a popular spot and can be overcrowded with others doing the same. One of the best areas is in First Light, close to the starting point. As this is a beginner’s area, it is often overlooked.

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